How To Get Over The Things Holding You Back.


And start taking your dream to the next level. now!

Illustration by Niloefar Bitarafan , Team Modern Getaways 

Illustration by Niloefar Bitarafan , Team Modern Getaways 

Do you want to start your own dream job where you get the freedom to travel whenever you want or be able to work remotely? And are there things holding you back? No worries, we've got your back! Just remember the following:

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Forget about being first  

Do not waste your time trying to come up with a new, never done before product or service. What is essential is identifying and delivering an improvement to an exciting market.  Facebook didn't invent  social networking. They simply knew how to make their products more efficient - and a hell of a lot more appealing - than everyone else's.

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Get familiar with the formula of failure.

You have to get familiar with the idea of making mistakes and start seeing it as a part of your journey! In fact, a necessary step.

As Jay Shetty says, a  principle of becoming successful is knowing that there are a lot of doors that need to be knocked on – that’s just a necessarily formula. There's nothing wrong with making mistakes. The truth is,  you're going to make a lot of them along the way. So long as you're able to learn from them quickly,  adapt your model accordingly AND start knocking on the next door with your head up – you are on your way to becoming successful.


Be eager to learn.

When you first start on your dream project, you have a lot of ideas and little money to gather a team that can tackle this with you. But instead of being discouraged, you should be inspired to learn the skills you need to take it to the next level.

There is always a tutorial, article , guide, course or a book that can teach you the ropes and help you move forward. And this investment in yourself will help you get to a place where you can have your dream team and can start rocking even harder!



Be honest.

It is often not the lack of things that stops us getting to our end goal,  it is the comfort of the good things we already have going on. Getting to GREAT means you have to give up the GOOD and familiar. Keep in mind to be honest of where the problem is! Hence, never let the comfort of good (enough) get in the way of getting you to GREAT.  It's a whole lot better view up there!

follow those dreams and take action today

Yas Bitarafan