Turn Your Hotel Room Into A Spa


While recently en route to Malta I got laid over in Frankfurt for the night. Unsurprisingly, Lufthansa didn't let me pick the hotel -- so it was quite basic and built for the business traveler.

The whole thing was less than ideal, but a few hours later I found myself submerged in a bubble bath with a mask on my face thanks to a trusty arsenal of products in my carry on. And this got us thinking: what are the best beauty products to turn your hotel room into a spa?

Even if you aren't getting caught in a random city for the night, you might have overlooked whether your hotel had a spa when you were vetting the thread-count and drooling over the marble walk-in shower.

So while a seasoned professional might not be around to rub you down, there are a handful of luxurious products will help you detox, revitalize your skin post-flight, and turn your hotel room into a bonafide retreat. Plus, hotel room spas are so much better because you can drink wine and dance around to music that won’t put you to sleep – unless you’re going for that sort of thing.

Here’s what to pack.



    Rodin Luxury Face Oil - 1 oz
    Everyone needs a hydrating boost post-travel, even beauty guru Linda Rodin. She spent two years concocting this luxe face oil made with sunflower, calendula, argan, primrose and jasmine to create one of the world’s most trusted face oils today. Dab a few drops onto your cheekbones in-flight to nourish your skin, or smother your face post steam-shower at the hotel. It’s so good you’re going to want to bathe in this stuff.


    Powder Cleanser | Cleansing Powder | Honest Beauty

    This powdered cleanser will help you freshen up both during your layover and in between adventures. Bark from towering Aspen trees will exfoliate your skin while rice powder absorbs extra oil to balance it out. This smart little cleanser is tough enough to pass security and your beauty-routine’s approval.


    Image by Mason Rose - makeup artist:  Lotte Concepts  . Soon more in the new issue. 

    Image by Mason Rose - makeup artist: Lotte Concepts . Soon more in the new issue. 

    Elizabeth and James Nirvana | Nirvana White Solid Perfume - Peony, Muguet & Tender Musk, 3.9g |

    It looks like a chic little compact, but when you open it up to look in the golden mirror you’ll be entranced by the musky smell of peonies, mugut and vanilla. A solid perfume going to be your new travel staple as it’ll always pass security and it’s small enough to throw in your bag and freshen up on the go.


    La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye & Lip Perfection à Porter

    This balm will make you look like you flew private, got a full eight hours of sleep, and are fully hydrated with coconut water. Its revitalizing and light diffusing partials will smooth out dark circles and imperfections to give you a naturally refreshed look. It also comes with a lip-plumping balm that sure to become a staple in your handbag.


    This Works | Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, 75ml
    All that pampering is bound to tire you out. So when you’re ready for a nap or crawling into bed, spritz a bit of this deep sleep pillow spray all over your sheets. The lavender, vetivert and wild camomile oils will instantly soothe you into a slumber.


    Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask
    We’d be lying if we told you this mask was anything less than magic. Tilbury’s waterless formula -- yes, you read that right -- infuses the brands signature five-skin-solution right into your pores leaving you with a natural glow.



    SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
    You know that post-holiday glow we all strive for? Well, this cotton mask packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids will give you that in 10 minutes instead of 10 days. If you want to kick off your travels looking lively, rejuvenated and like you jet-set for a living -- give this mask a try.


    BYREDO - Gypsy Water - Kabuki Perfume

    Kabuki brushes are known to work a whole lot of magic. In fact, it’s probably a staple in your makeup routine. Now, the experts Byredo have come up with an inventive kabuki that when brushed on your skin, will leave you smelling peppery, lemon fresh and with hints of sandalwood. Carryon bag and MGM approved.