3 Unexpected October Getaway Destinations

Photo: @ life_in_japon

By Anika Pannu

Sandwiched between the last blast of the September summer and the upcoming festive frenzy, October is often overlooked as an optimal time to travel. With lesser crowds, cooler temperatures, and delightfully warm fall foliage, October only becomes more enticing. With that being said, there’s probably a few notable destinations that immediately come to mind. Here, we’ve rounded up a few of our unexpected favorites — and we have a feeling you’ll love them, too.


1. Marrakech

Photo; @ semikahtextiles

It doesn't get better than visiting the red mud-baked city in October when the summer heat has subsided. A city for all of your senses, vibrant and exotic, rich and luxurious, Marrakesh is ideal for a modern getaway for slow travel. Get lost in the souks, sip on mint tea, indulge in a hammam, and comfortably tranquilize on the rooftops overlooking the medina without breaking a sweat. The limited-roomed boutique riads that you see all over your Instagram feed also have better availability during this period.



Japan’s cherry blossoms are undeniably world famous, although the fall foliage in October is possibly even more dazzling. The allure of every temple, shrine, and garden in Kyoto is amplified with blazing foliage at this time of year. During this time of year, you can easily climb to the Fushimi Inari-taisha without sweating 2 liters and spend your evenings unwinding in the gardens at a traditional ryokan.

Tip: Sleep in Japanese style and soak in one of the traditional wooden tubs at the luxurious Hotel Kanra Kyoto.


3. Colorado, United States

Photo:  @j.scud

Photo: @j.scud

The US is more than just pumpkin spiced lattes and pecan pies during fall. With five different climate zones within a 2-hour drive of downtown, Denver makes the perfect location for fall foliage for the active. With numerous hiking trails, Denver lets you see the shimmering leaves of the aspen up close with breathtaking views. Visiting the annual Denver Beer Fest and watching the Denver Broncos whilst there is an added bonus.