How To Transform Into The Mediterranean Lifestyle – with GIN MARE


Ibiza, gin and food


Wherever you are in the world – even if you at looking at a rainy street – Gin Mare ensures they can bring you a piece of the Mediterranean lifestyle upon first sip. Some gin blends concentrate on fruit for their botanical flavours, but Gin Mare takes a decidedly herb-based approach. Infusing thyme, basil, rosemary and olive – its savoury flavours instantly transport you to the Mediterranean. Pair your Gin Mare cocktail with delicious food (see recipe below), invite your friends over (this is a major component of the Mediterranean lifestyle)  and let the happy moment take over.  


When you get the invitation to experience and celebrate the essence of what makes the Mediterranean lifestyle in Ibiza – you go!

Our stay was at the vila Na Xemena, on the edge of the Sant Miquel de Balansa. Together with 7 other girls we got to experience the essence of Gin Mare while tasting bites with locally-sourced ingredients, drinking signature cocktails and swimming in the pool overlooking the ocean. Relaxed and with an effortless togetherness, we spent the day enjoying these simple pleasures. Escaping from the city, we experienced a slow, enriched way of living – this was the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Given that we live for chasing the sun and a Mediterranean lifestyle, MODERN GETAWAYS has teamed up with Gin Mare to pass on a little  guidance on how to recreate the Gin Mare Mediterranean Lifestyle on your own at home.

At the vila Na Xemen aka VilaMare- Ibiza

At the vila Na Xemen aka VilaMare- Ibiza


  1. Get the ingredient for your cocktail and food - which pairs perfectly with the cocktail. Just like the pro’s!  
    ( more recipes here
  2. Call up your friends and set a date for a get-together and this time include your family.
  3. Power Up the house with the right music - here's a playlist for you.
  4. Let loose and take things slowly.
  5. The next day – If you don't live somewhere the sun is always shining -- book that plane ticket after all . Chasing the sun is always a good idea. We suggest a ticket to Ibiza.  


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 Images above: Rosa Scipion Photography