Hotel Life According To Our Editor in Chief

illustration by Nil for Modern Getaways

illustration by Nil for Modern Getaways

At Modern Getaways, we have a thing for hotel life. To put it simply, we’re obsessed with hotels like you’re obsessed with Queen B.

So, what is hotel life, you ask?

Well, it’s being pampered – with every whim at your fingertips and a concierge that executes it with perfection. Your travels might have lead you to climb skyscrapers, and taste the cuisine, but your hotel has become your sanctuary. You primp in front of a golden mirror. You gorge on room service. You dance in a fluffy white robe. Get the picture?

That being said, everyone puts their own spin on hotel life. There’s the contentious debate over steam showers and soaker tubs. Some favor king sized beds, others need a view. Some revel in a morning coffee on the balcony and others obsess over the in-room products to pamper themselves with. So, to explore the wonderful world of hotel life further, we’re launching an ongoing Hotel Life Series where we’ll ask modern travelers what their hotel life looks like. It’s about to get personal, people.


To kick the series off, we’re talking to our founder and editor in chief, Yas, who in just the past few months has stayed in some incredible hotels across Thailand, Hong Kong, Morocco and Greece. Without further adeiu…

How do you live when staying in a hotel (aka your hotel life)?
I love to treat myself while staying at a hotel – take long showers, put on the robe, some mellow music. Order room service very late at night. Wake up really early to get some work done or look out for local hotspots.

Top 3 things you check off the list when you’re looking for a dream hotel

  1. Has to be a Boutique hotel
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Location

Favourite hotel life momentStripping down and hopping in the shower –and robelife baby!

Things you like to steal from a hotel room? Robes!

What's inspiring you right now?  Simple things in life.

Best hotel you’ve ever stayed in? What was so special about it? The service, luxury, design, location? All the above? Hands-down the Berber Lodge in Morocco! I still can't get over how all the elements of the surroundings were integrated into the lodge. The attention to every detail and the hospitality was mind blowing.

When you’re not globetrotting, where can we find you on a Sunday afternoon? Having cup of coffee or lunch with my fiance at a café in Amsterdam.

Biggest dealbreaker when booking a hotel: A very big pool with loads of sunning baths. To me that says so much. I just love boutique small hotels with only a couple of rooms – preferably one that does come with a large pool nonetheless. Too demanding? ;) They exist though!

Anything you’d like our readers to know about you? YES! Follow your dreams and live the lifestyle of freedom! Really just go for it. We only have one life. You deserve the best life has to offer and to feel free. 

Until next time! get a room!