How To Be More Like an Amsterdammer


If you've ever visited Amsterdam, there's no doubt you noticed the ever-cool vibe of this city. And if you have yet to visit -- you've definitely heard whispers of it. The Dutch are quintessentially down to earth -- biking even when it rains, always dressing casually cute, planning their week around cozy (or gezellig) experiences with friends. 

With Modern Getaways based in this incredible city, we thought we'd share with you guys how to live the ideal Amsterdam lifestyle wherever you are in the world.

Be relaxed and down to earth
— how to be a true local in amsterdam

1. Own a bike & never stop pedalling until you are at your destination
Be very proud of the fact that your feet never touched the ground once, during your 20 min bike ride  - with or without having a green light. Also, the fact that no one. Ever. Gets. Hurt. So, ride like the wind, my friends.

2. Never take a public transport or a taxi
Even when it rains. Never!

3. Only be found in the Red Light District when your ‘out of town’ friends force you to join them.
And still, take the side streets.

4. Hate shopping at the main shopping street
Head to the nine little streets instead or shop online.

5. Eat organic
Or as we say 'bio'. It's very hip. Oh, and it's good for you, too.

6. During summer, have your beer or wine in hand and stand at the stoop of your local café
Till past midnight

7. During the winter, force yourself to sit outside the local café
To the point where you actually cannot move. It's worth it and you'll have a blast.

8. Only visit the newest hotspots in town at the beginning when it still is super hot a.k.a be very ‘new’ sensitive.
Move to the next one after a week and never return back.

9. Forget fancy
Be down to earth

10. Have a workout routine
And stick to it -- biking isn't enough.

11. Plan your summer around all the local festivals
There’s nothing better than techno under the sun.

12. Make sure to have a boat
Or hop on a friends boat

13. Be very proud and in love with your city (and a little arrogant )
Look around. How can you not?

14. Help the lost tourists.
When asked: help. Don't be arrogant, you've found yourself lost on these windy streets before, too. 

15. Never stay home on a Friday night after work
Get it together! No one knows the meaning of being tired on a Friday night.

16. Do not understand the meaning of worrying - be free-spirited.

17. Ladies, no need to dress up.
Tight dresses and high heels are only for when you are going to a club past midnight. But, then again, why bother going to a club where you rather go to the café instead. So actually, don’t bother at all.

18. And girls: don’t expect Dutch boys to hold the door for you.
Common now. Do not be a Diva.

19. Meet up with friends after dinner for a ‘ borrelen’ any given day.
Google it.

20. Somehow put your clothes together in a way that you look both stylish yet effortless at the same time.
Move over, French girls -- we've got style too. And to be honest, it's more difficult to look stylish- down to earth, than to look stylish-posh.