Kiss Fast Fashion Goodbye With These Ethical Brands

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Gone are the days where sustainable, cruelty-free and slow fashion brands were dull, drab and right down awful. With this new wave of consciousness for the environment that has taken pretty much the whole world by storm, there’s now space in the clothing industry for brands that are taking a different approach to production.

With the myths surrounding sustainable fashion — low value for money, lack of quality, outdated styles — falling apart, it’s now, more than ever, easy to build the perfect ethical wardrobe.

From yoga wear that can double up as comfy flight clothes to vegan leather bags, here are some of Modern Getaways favorite sustainable brands.


1. Dorsu: Season-defying basics from Cambodia

Photo via @ dorsu_cambodia

Photo via @dorsu_cambodia

A basic is just a basic, right? Not really, at least not when we’re talking about Dorsu. Their pieces are produced from start to finish in their Kampot workshop, using remnant cotton jersey sourced from independent suppliers in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Phen.

Fighting waste and promoting a fair and safe employment around their factory is the cornerstone of Dorsu’s brand -- and you can see it in their pieces. Impeccably made, with flattering cuts and excellent finishing, these clothes are timeless.

Temple hopping around Angkor Wat? Dress sensibly in one of their Relaxed T-shirt dresses. About to get on a plane for your next adventure? Get comfy in their Slouch pant.


2. Underprotection: Ethics and Aesthetics from Copenhagen

Photo via @ underprotection

Photo via @underprotection

Hailing from Copenhagen, Underprotection has some of the cutest and most comfortable underwear and loungewear. On top of that, all of their pieces are made from sustainable materials in a small certified factory in India.  

With two collections a year — including lingerie, loungewear and swimwear — Underprotection proves that fair fashion can be beautifully designed. And we are not the only ones that think so. Underprotection is sold across the world in lingerie boutiques or high-end luxury departments stores like KaDeWe in Germany or Hudson’s Bay in the Netherlands.

Their Lulu swimsuit makes us dream of the white sand beaches of Tulum, while their Gemma Kimono is perfect for #RobeLife.


3. Matt And Nat: Vegan and eco-friendly bags

Photo via @ victoriarotchenkova

Matt and Nat’s simple motto, “Live beautifully,” has given the brand a loyal following base that keeps coming back season after season.

Their commitment to not using leather or any other animal-based materials and the recent introduction of linings made 100% out of plastic bottles are what sets them apart from the rest of the industry.

And if that wasn’t enough, their designs manage to blend in timelessness and modernity.


4. Matter: Sustainable modern heritage prints

Photo via @ matterprints

Photo via @matterprints

Always loved the comfiness of ubiquitous Thai elephant pants but hated the lack of quality and the fact that everyone has one? Fret not; Matter has you covered. Literally.

This brand’s mission is straightforward; championing the production of designer items by rural artisans in a sustainable way and shifting consumer perceptions. Producing all of their beautiful pieces in a fair factory (and holding international compliance standards), the techniques used come mainly from India.

Matter’s jumpsuits, pants and dresses echo the traditional clothing of ethnical tribes with a twist. Pieces go from day to night; we can easily imagine taking a stroll around Bangkok’s temples in their Sideswept Dhoti pants in the morning and putting on a beautiful top and going for drinks at Banyan Tree in the evening.


5. Dariadéh: Cosy and ethical tees and hoodies

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Dariadéh is the brainchild of Madeleine Alizadeh, a lifestyle and sustainable fashion blogger. Moved to ditch fast fashion after watching a documentary on leather tanneries of Bangladesh, Madeleine collaborated with a brand to create a small, ethical capsule collection. From the overwhelming success of this, Dariadéh was born a couple of months later.

Most pieces, from t-shirts to crewnecks, come with a bold statement – “Éthical” – imprinted on the front, but the debut collection also has small embroidered drawings making it a refreshing addition to any wardrobe.

By being slow fashion, orders are expected to arrive at your doorstep within three weeks, and if that throws you off, think that it’s a piece of clothing made just for you! Oh, and there’s a Giving Back policy on all orders, 50 cents will go to charity. Good karma points!

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