Modern Getaways Guide to Last-Minute Trip Planning

Photo via @ gabimulder

Photo via @gabimulder


Sometimes, you just have a couple of days to plan and fit in a quick trip. Although we prefer to start the day slow - with a breakfast in bed or sipping a cappuccino at the corner café - every so often there is so much to be done and seen in the time you have.

When it comes to last minute trip planning, many throw caution to the wind and say 'let's wing it.' But, to really to make the most out of your impromptu getaway, we think you should plan. Can you tell by now that there is a German behind the keyboard?

Research & planning does not only ensure that you don't miss out on your long-lusted highlights, but also gives you a pleasant peace of mind while away. Especially if you are just out for a couple of days, there is no time to worry about where to go and what to do next while you are on location.

Here, we've got the quick-tips that will ensure you see the best spots, hidden treasures and have a successful trip from the minute you arrive.



Let’s start with the essentials, what kind of trip are you craving? City or beach, culture or nature, party or chill? Discuss with your travel buddy and then make a list of possible destinations.

Also make sure to check the seasons and peak tourist timings. Sometimes it might be better to choose a destination's off season to avoid the crowds and snag a last minute hotel. 



You know where you want to go, so dive into what your chosen destination has to offer. Of course, you already know to start scanning websites, travel blogs, vlogs and guides for tips. But, ask for recommendations in your social circles, too.

Put your plans out on your stories or post a quick status asking friends for recommendations. Don't be afraid to send people a direct message asking for recommendations if you like what you see from their travels their, too. 


3.     MAP OUT your highlights

Just because you're opting for a last-minute trip doesn't mean it has to feel like it was planned last minute. After you gathered tips, start separating them out into categories like: restaurants, hotspots and sights that you can keep on hand for reference.

You should also plug them into your Google Maps and star the places you can't-miss and flag the places you'd like to squeeze in if you can. This allows you to plan your days on what's nearby and makes all your options easy to see. 


4.    Book EVERYTHING ahead of time

Look for the best options in terms of transportation, accommodation and activities ahead of time. Apps like Hotel Tonight can help you book superb accommodation at a lower last-minute price. And, doing yourself a favor like booking train tickets or airport transfers ahead of time will save you precious time and alleviate stress once you get there. 

Prefer to leave the planning at home entirely and simply indulge in the local of time? Then this latest feature on slow travel might be just right for you.