New Yorkers Who Want To Stay Ahead of The Trends Go Here

By Pamela Sechaud

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The Seaport district of New York City has been undergoing some major transformation this September. No, we’re not just talking about Fashion Week. This not-so-hype neighborhood is now the home of one of the chicest concept stores in the world: 10 Corso Como.

If you are not familiar with it, 10 Corso Como is a Milanese Concept Store that is always ahead of trends. This is exactly why the Howard Hughes Corporation — the people behind the revamp of the seaport district — chose this Italian-wonder to inaugurate the "re-birth" of this area. They hope to transform the neighborhood into a place where culture meets retail seamlessly. As you’ll see, it’s clear 10 Corso Como embodies this very idea completely.

A Milanese landmark

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The store was born more than two decades ago in Milan back in 1991. At the time, Its founder, Ms. Sozzani, was a pioneer in terms of redefining the shopping experience. She created her space, first and foremost, as a place to spend time and enjoy the curated mix of fashion, art, design, and books. This was kind of a revolution back in 1991 and people were not necessarily on board with the concept right away. But, it eventually took off and the rest is history.

One place, three spaces

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The New York boutique, boasting a whopping 2600 square meters, hosts a shop, restaurant, and gallery so you can eat, browse and, wander, all at the same time.

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You'll find luxury brands, upcoming designers and original gift ideas nestled in the decor imagined by Ms. Sozanni's partner, Kris Ruhs. 10 Corso Como is a place to take your time and just enjoy life at your own pace. There’s no rush — nobody is pressuring you to buy anything, the place feels welcoming and stress-free. Totally the kind of concept store that we like here at Modern Getaways.

So next time you visit the big apple, remember to book one of your afternoons to enjoy this so-called slow-shopping space and get ahead of the trends.