The Beautiful Northern Italian Locales of Call Me By Your Name

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If you’ve seen Luca Guadagnino’s sumptuous film, Call Me By Your Name, then you know all about the dreamy imagery, the suspiciously on-trend 80s fashion and the beautiful, oh so quintessentially Italian locales. Apart from the story line, the latter is probably the most enticing element of this coming-of-age love story. With the film slowly unfolding over the course of a languid summer, the viewer really has a chance to situate themselves in a pre-Internet Italy and the sun soaked settings of the quiet northern countryside.

Read on as we share some of the locations featured in the film, in case you also felt like booking the first plane to Italy after finishing the film. And while the movie is set in the summer, we think these destinations make for the perfect fall getaway as well.



Besides the gorgeous 17th-century villa in Moscazzano (which CN Traveler reports is, unfortunately, closed to visitors), the other location at the center of the film is Crema, a small town filled with centuries old architecture about an hour east of Milan. This is where Elio and Oliver first bike around the city together and sit at the Piazza del Duomo for their first conversation.

“Crema has a sense of timelessness that I like, but I also think that it is quintessentially Italian without being an idea of Italy,” Guadagnino said of the location in an interview for Amuse. “It’s just Italy. A lot of these Hollywood movies made in Italy look as fake as a chocolate coin. For me it’s important you make the thing that looks the most correct and the most real.”



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Pandino, another sleepy town in the same region about 15 km northwest of Crema, is where Elio first reveals his developing feelings for Oliver in front of a World War I memorial on the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. While not being a major attraction in and of itself, the little town has plenty of old world charm and the Gothic-style Castello Visconteo that will take you straight back to the past.


Fontanile Quarantina

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Elio and Oliver’s leisurely day spent biking around the countryside was another memorable moment in the film, and the Fontanile Quarantina, a park about 12 km northwest of Crema, is the lush watering hole where they lounged in the grass and shared their first kiss. Also north of Crema is Laghetto dei Riflessi where Elio took Marzia for a late night dip.


Lake Garda

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One of the more popular sites featured in the film is Lake Garda which served as the site of Elio’s father’s architectural dig and where they all enjoyed a sunset swim at Piaggia Giamaica, or Jamaica Beach.


Cascate del Serio

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Another well-known setting of the film is the Cascate del Serio, the tallest waterfall in Italy, about an hour north of Bergamo near the border with Switzerland. It’s undoubtedly one of the most striking waterfalls in Europe and its indescribable beauty was intentional as the director also revealed in the Amuse interview. “They go to a place where there are no words,” he says of the Serio scene. “They go to a place where they just interact with nature because I thought it was a moment of absolute surrender to their own intimacy.”



After their day of exploring, Elio and Oliver let loose in the nearby town of Bergamo. This is where Oliver memorably dances to the Psychedelic Fur’s “Love My Way” emanating out of a stranger’s parked car in the Piazza Padre Reginaldo Giuliani.



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Pizzighettone, another small Italian village thirty minutes south of Crema, is the backdrop for Elio and Oliver’s heartbreaking goodbye at the stazione di Pizzighettone. It’s where their affair concludes, but if you’re still reeling from their passionate story, now you can head there to pick up the pieces.