The Modern Getaways February To-Do List





The first month of the new year has passed. For some eager souls, also known as Dry January. We all had our resolutions -- some more successful than others. Yet, 2018 has just begun and resolution time ain't over until we say so. No matter where you are and what you are doing, every day is a new chance.

Still unsure? Don't look any further. We’ve got you covered with the Modern Getaways February To-Do List.


Book a surprise getaway

No Modern Getaways list has ever been written without a little getaway in it. So why not start off with a spontaneous surprise trip? Living in Europe, weekend trips and city hopping are all the more achievable. Searching for silence in the mountains of Austria. Defying the rough sea on the UK coastline or catching some winter sun on one of Italy's terraces. American folks, consider a quick weekend jaunt by plane, or maybe a regional road trip -- looking at you, New Englanders.  

So book that flight, grab your friends and take them to an unknown destination. Still not inspired? Find 8 Hot New Flight Routes right here.

Get into podcasts

And this time, really.

Although there is nothing like going through the first pages of a new book, podcasts are the solution for everyone whose just way too busy. Available everywhere and anywhere, you can get your weekly pop-culture dose with podcasts like, 'The High Low by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes',  talk about life & feelings with the ever hilarious Leandra Medine in 'Monocyle with Leandra Medine' or work on your happiness level in 'Happier with Gretchen Rubin'.

Try something new

Think of that feeling -- a full day of adventure and new experiences. You tried something new and you might have succeeded, or, you might have failed. Regardless of the outcome, it instills you with a sense of self. Like you have made use of that day. Lived that day.

Once, everything we did was new. Now, we often fall into a routine of spending our weekends the same way. A short trip or simply a new environment often opens up our minds. But there is nothing holding you back from trying something new today! So, finally take that piano lesson, meditate, go on a date, try kitesurfing, start journaling. The time is now. And you will never know until you have tried.

Read more books

Whenever you feel that there is not enough time to read -- sit down, turn off your phone, grab a book and start reading. With today's pace of life, you simply have to claim your down moments. 'This Is Water' by David Foster Wallace, 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle or 'Goodbye Things - On Minimalist Living' by Fumio Sasaki are on our current top list. Also, if you really want to make an impression at your next book club meeting, don't miss these.

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