Treatments Worth Traveling For: Grand Cayman’s Latest Ode to Luxury Wellness


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Adapting to the ebb and flow of island life, the Grand Cayman Marriott aptly refers to their property as The Beach Resort; a quaint name for the sprawling hotel situated on a stretch of uninterrupted oceanfront. The brand desired a name that reflected an island getaway — alluring guests to experience a tranquil, distinct and bespoke accommodation that felt more boutique than big chain.

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This summer, The Beach Resort revealed its newest addition to support and inspire a travelers’ wellness routine with the opening of Botanika Union. The clean-lined spa welcomes you with its white-splashed walls — accented by palms, ferns and polished wooden benches. Tables of Naturopathica products tantalize you to browse what will soon be used in your facial or body treatment, and the realization that the spa effortlessly captures the exterior surroundings of nature into a unique room, whisks you away to serenity before you even begin your treatment.

When it comes to the spa menu, rather than simply providing a massage or basic body treatment, Botanika specializes in connecting a traveler’s daily routine on vacation to their daily routine when they return home, aiming to inspire a life-long investment rather than a one-time treatment. For us, that’s what makes these treatments worth traveling for.

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Wild Lime Scalp Treatment

Give your mind a rest and stimulate one of the most sensitive spots on your body when you unwind with this scalp massage. Since the rest of our body is greatly affected by the worries of our mind and tension held in our upper body, this targeted treatment encourages complete relaxation of the body as it lets go of stress through a series of massage techniques heightened by invigorating citrus.

Matcha Brightening Decollete Facial

As matcha continues to trend—from lattes to ice cream, the Chinese green tea's superfood qualities are no longer a secret. The antioxidant-packed tea is therefore ideal for use in a luxurious layered facial to promote radiant skin and fight stress and aging lines. Allowing the matcha to work its wonders from the outside-in, has you feeling revived and renewed post-treatment.

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Manuka Honey Facial

Aligned with Botanika Union’s desire to promote wellness beyond a one-time treatment, this holistic facial begins with a consultation to discuss a guest’s overall health—from gut health to stress level. The treatment continues with natural ingredients like the powerfully healing Manuka honey, to relax and stimulate cells. After you are pampered and polished, you’ll leave with a list of ways to manage your skincare after you leave the salty air behind.

Lemon Verbena Hydrating Body Treatment

After traveling and days of lounging beachside, your skin is bound to crave hydration beyond a quick moisturizing fix. This treatment is a two-step process; both polishing and hydrating the body in a soothing wrap. The spa combines fragrant lemon verbena with aloe vera and buffing grains to exfoliate before oat protein and shea butter are used to finish the treatment and leave skin smooth and hydrated beyond surface level.