Never Straying Far From The Grecian Sea...



When Lucy Williams visits Zakynthos, we follow!

Every once in awhile we all have that urge to simply book a flight and take off, or get in the car and speed away on a road trip. And, although there is no time like right now, real life occasionally keeps us on a leash -- a.k.a an office chair. Fortunately, in today’s digital landscape, there seems to be plenty of all year round holiday-makers. But, only some keep us inspired and entralled. So when Lucy Williams visited Zakynthos, we followed!


When Lucy Williams visits Zakynthos, we follow!

While to many the Greek islands Rhodes, Crete, Ios or Kos are either known as family or party destinations, Zakynthos moves in between those lines. Zante (its Italian name) is a remarkably lush island -- also referred to as ‘Il fiore del Levante’: the Flower of the Levant. Yet, to really escape the busloads of tourists and discover hidden coves or mountainside villages, you need to move around. Especially in the mountainous west and north coasts, you will find limestone cliffs dropping straight into the turquoise waters. Cliff diving and natural bliss included.

In the north, resorts and private villas dot the region. One of Modern Getaways Magazine’s favorites, and Lucy’s preferred choice, is the Peligoni Club.

A variety of houses, rooms and villas -- all in various shapes and sizes -- lie scattered in the hills of the unspoiled northeast. Being far away from the tourist lines while having every amenity on hand ensures that, ‘this place quickly feels like home while never losing its charm.’

Jumping on Peligoni’s own converted fishing boat -- Odyssey -- to spend the day at the Blue Caves is just one of many extra activities on offer. Just picture yourself running down the wooden stairway of the Aria villa to join your closest friends for an outdoor BBQ, tasting Greek feta, olives and wine (and any other Greek cliche I might have forgotten by now) underneath a wooden pergola. It’s not a horrible way to end a day you spent by the pool or sailing the Aegean sea, is it?

Or in Lucy’s words, this clearly is a ‘come-back-every-year kind of place’.