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Traditionally, the high-end travel industry is built on exclusively. But, that’s not how the modern woman is consuming.

She’s listening to friends, browsing social media and getting visually inspired to book her next getaway.  She's weighing the reviews and suggestions of the like-minded online — not reading a plain description with corporate visuals.

At Modern Getaways, we’re taking advantage of this shift. Through context and content marketing via a digital publicationwe’re bringing brands in the luxury travel and hospitality industry closer to the modern travelling woman. From inspiration to call to action  we've got this. 







Image by Modern Getaways

Image by Modern Getaways


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“ I help brands improve their online presences. Passing on the know-how for a better customer journey, content marketing and the knowledge of modern online consumer behavior in the travel industry.” 

Yas Bitarafan — Editor in Chief & Marketing Consultant


image above by Jacob Lund Photography