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WELCOME to the ultimate hangout for dreamers, for modern explorers, for late night room service lovers, for lovers of life, those who believe in the impossible, and themselves.

We love the new generation of women who love to explore AND treat themselves along the way. 

We created the digital magazine and this blog for modern women who are rethinking traditional travel - going the extra mile to find amazing hidden gems by day, staying in an indulgent boutique hotel by night. Yeah, being THAT KIND OF GIRL!




Why are we here?

Modern Getaways is a new force in publishing, one that is inspired by the contemporary woman and the way she indulges in travel and new experiences.

Here, we’ll continually unravel what modern travel means today while taking you to far flung destinations, immersing you in unique experiences, touring the world’s best hotels, introducing you to stylish travelers and dream-chasers, and diving into the latest trends. 






Our journey

Established by Yas Bitarafan, Modern Getaways was founded on the idea that modern travel is about both indulgence and pushing your boundaries. In pursuit of her own lifestyle of freedom, Bitarafan quit her Marketing job and jumped head first into creating a publication that explores this idea through well-told stories, intriguing interviews and awe-inspiring visuals contributed by a collective of young creatives from all over the world.

Today, what started as one girl's dream and a lot of hard work is now a top-destination for modern women who know what they want out of travel and life, but are always seeking inspiration. Whether you’re reading the digital magazine or the blog, Modern Getaways looks to be your trend authority, travel influencer and style confidant.

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