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I help bringing brands in the luxury travel and hospitality industry closer to the modern travellers.

After graduating Masters of Marketing and having worked as the creative strategist helping brands such as BMW and Mitsubishi I subsequently launched Modern Getaways Magazine to tap into  a rising need for a modern style of travel. 

a new kind of publication company from the ground up -- one that dives deeper into wishes and desires of the new traveller -- from inspiration to call to action.

In addition, I have worked in-house with a wide range of brands to improve their online presence through consultancy or as a guest speaker -- passing on the know-how for a better customer journey and the knowledge of modern online consumer behavior.

Collectively, my team and I have managed to launch the EVER first independent digital publication focused solely on modern women, in the travel industry and help brands reach a niche market. 



The services we offer 

  • Working with the magazine and the team
    there is a lot our team can do. think also content marketing, production and advertising.

  • Consultancy
    get access to the know-how and focus on what can be improved for a better customer relations/journey online.

  • Speaker
    book yas as a speaker about consumer behaviour and customer journey in the travel industry 

  • more
    let us know how we can help you. 


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