Yasaman Bitarafan  EDITOR IN CHIEF & marketing consultant


As a true creative junkie, Yas has published and created the Modern Getaways from scratch. Having worked as a creative strategist for several top brands, she now uses her experience and know-how to fill a gap in the travel industry. 

First thing you do when you check into a hotel:
Take pictures like crazy. Then: Robelife baby! 
Currently daydreaming of:  all the tucked-away retreats yet to visit. 


cate Misczuk  managing editor & COPYWRITER

Cate always seems to have the words we’re looking for, and a camera in her bag, too. As our Managing Editor and in-house copywriter, Cate works alongside a global network of creatives and oversees all Modern Getaways content. The American expat also proudly displays her DVF luggage trunk in her apartment year-round.

First thing you do when you check in to a hotel:
Test out the shower and wait for room service to arrive

Currently day-dreaming of:
Scouting straw bags and burritos in Mexican street markets.




Nil lambrinos — Architectural writer & illustrator

An architect with enormous passion for travel, Nil is Modern Getaways’ Architectural writer. With a keen eye that can only be honed by an expert, she explores some of the world's most unique hotels and explains them to us. We also steal her talent for all our illustrations.  
First thing you do when you check in to a hotel:
Observe all the hotel details while I'm putting on my bikini and run to the beach!
Currently daydreaming of: Greece. Always Greece.


LAURA GHITOI  editorial assistant & social media associate


Shamelessly verifying the strength of the Wi-Fi wherever she checks in, Laura is our planning ninja. As the editorial assistant and social media associate, her job is to keep the team organized and help Modern Getaways stay social.

First thing you do when you check in to a hotel:
Hotel bed diving as it is THE best part of the day.  

Currently day-dreaming of:
Turquoise waters, silk sheets and a reading chaise-longue on a wooden terrace. In fewer words, any island in the Indian Ocean.


Blog contributors 


Jessica Wintz  contributor instagram + WEBSITE

First thing you do when you check in to a hotel: Popping Pringles while going through the local magazines in the room. And...old habits die hard, bouncing on the bed. 

Currently daydreaming of:
Waking up to the first morning in a new country on a day with no plans. 



First thing you do when you check in to a hotel?
Draw the curtains and open the windows, and then jump onto the bed listening to the pulse of the city.

Currently daydreaming of?
Losing myself in the back alleys of Tokyo, Taiwan or Seoul. My love for Asia is eternal.


Elizabeth Sensky  contributor
website + instagram + 

First thing you do when you check in to a hotel: Plop myself down onto the bed and then check out the toiletry selection.

Currently daydreaming of:
Upcoming adventures to Central and South America.


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